AEO129-Svartvit kopia

AEO is an original brand created by Anna Elzer Oscarson.

Exploring a rich variety of materials is Anna’s specialty as she provides products for an inspiring environment; each piece crafted with love and skilled workmanship. Beautiful, inviting objects that you want to keep close to you all your life

Anna Elzer Oscarson is a graduate of HDK – School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. After receiving her degree, she has spent most of her time as a freelance, specialising in patterns and utility goods. From 2007 to 2008, Anna was employed at the wallpaper design studio at Boråstapeter.

Sample design work:

The wallpaper LUST was created in connection with Anna’s graduate thesis at HDK, where the theme was to explore if a designer can base their work on emotional needs. The need for playfulness and security in a committed relationship resulted in this wallpaper, with its lush theme of flowers and semi-hidden images of lovemaking was meant to evoke love, desire and communication.

The collection MEMORIES BY ANNA, for Boråstapeter.


Design S, 2016

Design S, Nominee 2014

Culture Scholarship, VGR

Orrefors working grant

Slöjdföreningen Scholarship

Elle Interior Design Award

REPRESENTED AT: The Röhsska museum and Nordiska museet

What inspires Anna Elzer Oscarson?

I seek a certain balance between being grounded without ever stagnating. I’m not into owning a lot of “stuff”, but I do believe in beauty and quality. Attractive and functional surroundings are a real energy boost. We’re affected by our environment much more than we know. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful and significant items charges our batteries. I thrive on challenge. Not that I don’t need some peace and quiet, too, but my full potential comes to the fore when life is dynamic.