My Dusty Diamonds collection evolved in close collaboration with Porslinsfabriken in Lidköping, a factory once used by the fine porcelain manufacturers Rörstrand. The process grew into an exciting encounter between new techniques and time-honoured tradition, a dialogue between the designer and the ceramists. Together, we carefully selected the ultimate techniques, materials, glazes, and colours to find the ideal expression for the lines of the design, its composition and faceting.

Being granted the opportunity to work alongside some of Sweden’s most skilled craftsmen made realizing these pieces possible and the process had the extra benefit of passing on traditions and know-how.

“The reliefs were my point of departure. The whole concept involved integrating patterns and the three-dimensional shape. The result was facetted pieces with several dimensions. Pieces that draw you in and make you want to touch them. Which should give the products a long life.” Anna Elzer Oscarson

Comments about Dusty Diamonds

Anna Elzer Oscarson made a splash at the latest Furniture Fair with her “Dusty Diamonds”, a collection of handmade ceramics with a modern expression. These pieces are very much “now”, both with regard to aesthethics and materials. She combines traditional techniques with a contemporary flair – fusing the best of both worlds. – Sandra Nolgren