About the process

A dance with glazes. A love story for an expectant porcelain factory. Inspired by the ripples on the water’s surface, the shifting open spaces, where the boundary between dazzling skies and rich soil becomes blurred.

Dancing Dune is manufactured in the famous old porcelain factory in Lidköping. It is a new, batch-produced collection created using 3D design in symbiosis with manual dexterity. A complex, careful process in which new, innovative forms interact with classic glazes. Anna Elzer Oscarson has collaborated with craftsmen and women at the porcelain factory at all stages, from the casting moulds to the unique glazes. Two of the world’s most prominent glaze makers were involved in developing the glazes. Kent Eriksson was a glaze expert for the legendary ceramicist Carl Harry Stålhane, and Hans Olof Nilsson has been working on glazes for over forty years with Swedish Grace, among others.

The outcome is porcelain made in Sweden, an example of local handicraft to brighten people’s homes and everyday lives. Recreating an industrial tradition when Rörstrand took the world by storm. A more modern everyday product that aims to make a distinct impression on the contemporary world of design.

We aren’t imitating pieces that have been turned or sculpted by hand, instead we’re benefiting from the perfection that 3D technology combined with cast manufacturing technology can achieve.